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Falafel & Co. 2

14 November 2015

Though world-renowned, the Falafel is not the only entree in the Middle-East cuisine. In this workshop we went a bit down the rabbit holeā€¦

We have made some delicious Sambusak (better known as Samosa) with spinach-feta-onion filling, together with the flavorsome Kibbeh - this time it had two versions: a regular one using Bulgur and a Gluten-Free version using Quinoa.

Here you can see photos from this workshop:

1. The Falafel mixture has to be both extremely green (from the fresh herbs) and fragrant (both from fresh herbs and dry spices).

2. Meat grinder is by far the best way to make Falafel mixture (and Hummus as well), the reason for that is that the entire mixture has to go through the grinder, as opposed to other blenders.

3. Another example for grinding Falafel.

4. Starting to roll the Falafel balls.

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by: Amit Rabin



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