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Falafel & Co. 1

8 November 2015

Though world-renowned, the Falafel is not the only entree in the Middle-East cuisine. In this workshop we went a bit down the rabbit holeā€¦

We have made some delicious Sambusak (better known as Samosa) with spinach-feta-onion filling, together with the flavorsome Kibbeh - this time it had two versions: a regular one using Bulgur and a Gluten-Free version using Quinoa.

Here you can see photos from this workshop:

1. Had the honor to have two amazingly talented pastry chefs - Duffy from Sweet Ima and Meital from Magda Cakes - who just wanted to know how to make falafel!

2. Slicing wild Turkish spinach for filling of the Sambusak.

3. Duffy is making Kibbeh.

4. Everyone loves a good Falafel.

by: Amit Rabin



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