back Persian style Pilaf

From Baghdad to Tehran

25 September 2015

The Near-East cuisine is not as famous as its close cuisine from the Middle-East. There are many similarities, as well as differences.

Various dishes such as the Kubaneh (Yemenite Brioche-like bread), Baharat spice mixture, different types of steaming pilafs and the Kibbeh (Iraqi style meat-filled dumplings) are but a small sampling from this rich and exciting cuisine.

Here you can see photos from this great workshop:

1. Persian style Pilaf with carrots, red onions and spice mixture.

2. A known symbol of the Persian/Iranian cuisine - the pomegranate. Extremely healthy but also very messy (great tip to peel it - under water).

3. Chef Jan enjoys his Kubaneh - a Brioche-like pastry from the Yemenite cuisine.

by: Amit Rabin



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