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From Laffa to Baba Ganoush

23 October 2015

The Middle-East cuisine is a source to a few of the most popular dishes, dips & breads in the world.

Most people have heard about Falafel, Hummus and Pita bread, and though they are deemed as supreme “Health Food” in certain countries. In the Middle-East they are considered as staple food for the masses. That doesn’t mean we should devalue their contribution to the local cuisine, but instead - we need to open our eyes and find out what else this cuisine can offer us.

In “From Laffa to Baba-Gaboush” we learn not only about dishes and techniques, but also about the role of the basic ingredients themselves, the stories behind them and more.

From the ancient arts of pickling & sourdough making, all the way to special festivity dishes.

In this photo series you can see a range of ingredients & dishes from this area:

1. Green Tahini (contains parsley & coriander) with Falafel patties.

2. Salat Turki (Turkish Salad - tomatoes & onions dip), chickpeas and roasted aubergines.

3. Fattoush salad - deep-fried pieces of pita bread with various seasonal veggies.

4. Roasted aubergine & cherry tomatoes salad.

by: Amit Rabin



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