Lithuanian Bondes (Potato Buns)

21 October 2015

Potatoes had a huge impact on European cuisine, to a level where they started replacing some of the flour that was used to make dough for many baked goods. With that, a whole new culinary revolution began in the region, one that will keep on having effect till this day (e.g. the Italian Gnocchi used to be made from Semolina but once the potato was introduced in Italy, it quickly replaced the wheat as the main ingredient).

Here you will see photos showing different stages of making a Lithuanian delicacy called Bondes - tasty buns made from flour and mashed potato, filled with fried onions and mushrooms (wonderful Autumn dish with fresh mushrooms).

If you are interested in the recipe itself, please click here.

1. The final baked buns, notice the poppy seeds coating.

2. Another “After” photo of the baked buns.

3. The buns are going through a final proofing before entering the oven.

4. The basic mix of all the ingredients, before kneading and proofing.

by: Amit Rabin



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