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Spelt Sourdough making

17 October 2015

Known around the world as a German/North-European bread, the Sourdough has its roots in Ancient Egypt. After acquiring much knowledge & experience of working with the Pickling technique, the ancient Egyptian discovered that the same process they were trying to delay (in essence, the decay of food being done by bacteria and fungi) can be used the other way around (to boost a different group’s activity - in this case Yeast) for the creation of airy bread instead of the traditional flat breads they consumed.

Here you can see several photos featuring the final product of a Spelt Sourdough bread:

1. A loaf being shown after a long night’s rest, it is halved and you can see the beautiful “air bubble” shapes created by the Sourdough’s yeast.

2. The same loaf shown after being sliced, watch the beautiful “air bubble” shapes.

3. Both loaves being shown immediately after leaving the oven, watch the beautiful pattern made by the banettons.

4. Both loaves being shown immediately after leaving the oven.

If you want to see other parts of the process, you can click in the following links:

- A link to the shaping process.

- A link to the baking process.

by: Amit Rabin



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