back Tishpishti (Jewish-Turkish almond cake) - sliced and soaked with rose-water syrup

Tishpishti - making process

7 April 2016

The Tishpishti is not just a cake - it is a triumph in the great culinary challenge of the Passover holiday (during which leavened baked goods are not allowed).

The Jewish-Turkish cuisine has many culinary contributions, one of them is the Tishpishti, which loosely translates as “Made quickly” (and indeed, this is a quick recipe).

Instead of regular-grain flour (that might start to ferment while in contact with water) we use almond mixture (both broken and milled) together with spices, eggs and other ingredients. A small amount of water (or preferably citrus juice) is needed.

After quick baking, the cake can be sliced in different forms and is soaked with sugar syrup (traditionally infused with rose-water).

Interested in knowing how to make Tishpishti and other special Passover dishes ? Want to give this as a gift to a friend or family ?

We have a Passover workshop at the 17.4.16, for more details you can go to our Workshops section or try the FB event page.

by: Amit Rabin



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