Dutch Apple Honey Muffins

Dutch Apple Honey Muffins

Transforming an old tradition into a muffin! read more



Over that wonderful doughnut with 1001 types of fillings... The Sufganiyah! read more

Szarlotka Polish apple cake


A traditional apple cake from Poland, the Szarlotka (pronounced Shar-lotka) is one of the puffiest and unique apple-cakes in the world. read more

The Babka

Babka - not just a "Grandma" but one of the most flavorsome cakes in the Jewish Cuisine! read more

Swedish Appelkaka

The Swedish Appelkaka is a tasty variation on the traditional Apple Cake we all know, mainly from the preparation point. read more

Bondes - Ultimate Potato Buns

Potatoes had a huge impact on East-European cuisine, here we can try a Lithuanian delicacy called Bondes. read more

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