What is Home Made?

Literally speaking, all the recipes in this site are Home Made, so what is so special about this section?

Most of the recipes described in other sections, are end-products that use many ingredients that we take for granted (ones that are ‘born in the supermarket’).

For example, most people understand that in order to make Couscous, you need to take dry Couscous, put it in boiled water with herbs and voila! you have Couscous. In this section, we will go even deeper and learn how we can create the couscous itself from semolina flour.

This is only one example. We will learn how to make traditional dips, different stocks, cured meats, pickled vegetables, spice-mixtures and more…

This is an ongoing process, we will venture endlessly, learn how to grow the food together with the stories and secrets behind it.

by: Amit Rabin



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