Cooking with Stars

31 January 2015

We are delighted to introduce “Cooking with Stars” - the first Jewish Cooking Club in the Netherlands!

This project was created through the cooperation of Roots of Food and WIZO Nederland, the idea behind it is quite simple - to give everyone the option to discover & understand the various ingredients that compose the Jewish Cuisine in our world (from the Sephardi, through Ashkenazi and many others less-known styles of Jewish cuisine).

This Club is open for everyone to participate - Jews and non-Jews - not only because we believe in Sharing the knowledge, but mainly because through these activities we will show how throughout history, this cuisine has influenced us all, regardless of religion or any other criteria. The workshops will be Kosher.

With the events organized in cooperation with Roots of Food, WIZO Nederland will raise funds for the WIZO Beit Hakerem School in Jerusalem - a practical Cooking School for underprivileged youth with an Israeli, Arab, Russian and Ethiopian backgrounds. This vocational training makes no distinction in religion - it focuses entirely on motivation and cooperation.

The activities of the club are divided into two parts:

- Lectures - These are interactive, informative and a bit humorous (after all, it is the Jewish Cooking Club) activities. They are recommended for everyone, without prior knowledge in Cooking or Judaism.

The topics and contents of the lectures will be focused on different styles of Jewish Cuisine, special holidays and mutual influence with other cuisines.

- Workshops - These are much more ‘hands-on’ activities, recommended for people who wish to move from theory to practice. The workshops are designed for a smaller audience, without prior knowledge in Cooking (or Judaism). Humor will present as well.

The topics of the workshops will follow at times other topics of the lectures, but not always.

Schedule of activities will be uploaded here soon. You can also follow us at our Facebook page, until then, we are pleased to publish the first lecture and workshop:

- Jewish Cuisine - the Never Ending Story

- Passover - A taste of freedom

For more information regarding the activities (contents, sign-up etc.), please click here.

by: Amit Rabin



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