Northern France Apple Tart

This unique Apple Tart from Normandy, distinguish itself by the usage of Calvados & Frangipane read more


All about making one of the world's leading pickled vegetable - the Gherkin! read more


A peculiar and flavorsome recipe for a roasted lamb-shoulder, invented through necessity by Greek bandits who fought Ottoman soldiers. read more

kreplach dumplings


Nicknamed the "Jewish Ravioli", these meat or vegetables filled dumplings are always devoured in every occasion they are present. read more

Pesto Genovese

World-famous dip, a thin layer of Pesto can turn a sandwich from a dull, grey brick to a Michelin Star masterpiece (at least it feels like that). read more

Hummus with Tahini

Hummus with Tahini

One of the most famous dips in the world, the Hummus with Tahini is renowned not only for its unique flavor but also for its high nutritional values. read more

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